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Clean Path Energy Center

The Clean Path Energy Center, LLC (Clean Path) is an electricity generation project being developed by Western Energy Partners LLC outside of Farmington, New Mexico. This 750 megawatt (MW) project will help fill an urgent and growing need that is being created by the retirement of aging coal-fired power plants located in the Four Corners and Desert Southwest regions.

Clean Path is a unique showcase project that combines a state-of-the-art clean fueled natural gas combined cycle power plant and an advanced solar photovoltaic (PV) array to create a first of its kind electricity generation system in this area.

With a 680 MW generating plant powered by the clean blue flame of natural gas and the renewable green energy of a 70 MW solar PV array, the Clean Path Energy Center represents the path to a greener future.

Clean Path Energy Facts

The following are the key facts about the Clean Path Energy Center:

  • Clean Path Energy Center is a uniquely designed and ideally located combination of a traditional 680 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) co-located with a renewable 70 MW Solar Photovoltaic project. The project will be capable of providing essential baseload generation during all hours of the year as well as additional vital peaking capacity during times of higher system loads.
  • Clean Path Energy Center will be connected to the electrical transmission grid at the nearby Shiprock Substation operated by the Western Area Power Administration (Western). The new transmission line to interconnect the project will be less than two miles in total length. Clean Path will receive natural gas by connecting to the San Juan Hub through existing pipelines owned by the El Paso Natural Gas Company. The project will serve as an important and large new customer for local gas production in the region.
  • Clean Path Energy Center will take full advantage of the recent and dramatic advances in CCGT design and technology. The project is being designed to be the most efficient gas fired plant in the entire western U.S.
  • Clean Path Energy Center will be capable of exceptionally fast ramping rates to help integrate the growing amount of intermittent renewable generation that is being installed across the West.
  • Clean Path Energy Center will be designed to meet the most stringent air permitting standards and be among the cleanest natural gas fired plants in the U.S. Given the project’s world-class efficiency and solar PV component, comparative CO2 and other emissions per kilowatt-hour of electrical production will be amongst the lowest in North America.
  • Clean Path Energy Center will create approximately 800 jobs during the construction phase and at least 30 full time family wage positions when it is operational.
  • Clean Path Energy Center will employ an innovative hybrid air and water cooling system which will serve to minimize project water use.
  • Clean Path Energy Center will be located on a 635-acre privately-owned land parcel that has been historically utilized for cattle ranching. No cultivated agricultural land will need to be removed from production.
  • Clean Path Energy Center will undergo a comprehensive public permitting review process including an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), a Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) air permit, as well as other related local, state and federal agency reviews and approvals.